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Miniature Bathtub




HealthSmart is dedicated to providing you with walk-in bathtubs and other bathing solutions for your personal safety, dignity, independence, luxury, and total bathing enjoyment.

Luxury Bathroom
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Bathing in a walk-in bathtub is vital for your personal safety and dignity. A quality walk-in bathtub catering to your specific needs will not only help solve your bathing problem— it will also make bathing an extremely relaxing, joyful, and beneficial experience again, providing you with years of safety, independence, and complete satisfaction.

  • Commercial-grade acrylic shell, with a second protective acrylic finish to protect for a durable long-lasting tub

  • Extra-long interior door handle, providing maximum leverage for ease of opening and closing the door

  • Slip-resistant floor and contour seat

  • Safety grab bar and inward swinging door comes standard for the most safety

  • Very low 6" threshold for a step into the tub

  • 17" ADA-compliant chair

  • Heavy duty chrome fixtures

  • ​Faucet and showerhead included!

  • Deep soaking tub - 18" from the top of the seat to the top of the tub

  • Extra-wide 20" inward swinging door for ease of movement in and out of the tub

  • Lifetime warranty on the door seal and five (5) year warranty for all other components

  • Provides the ultimate deep soaking experience

  • Optional extension panel available for purchase

  • Right and left mounted door options available

  • Whirlpool air jets for maximum comfort

  • High-gloss finish

Milk Bath

A Walk-In Bathtub Will Change Your Life
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7 Benefits of Walk-In Tubs
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