What are steam showers?


A Steam Shower is a moisture-sealed shower enclosure that delivers clouds of steam either before, during, or after your shower.  The steam is controlled through a digital display that allows you to adjust the temperature and duration of the steam and things like music and lighting.


Why order our steam showers?

Fast Shipping – All our products usually ship in 1-3 business days and are shipped from our warehouse in Minnesota.  Standard ship time is usually 3-10 days (compared to the almost two months of other companies).

Quality Product – The moisture that a steam unit generates will do a number on your entire bathroom unless it is built and installed properly.  Our showers are sold with a standard 5-year warranty to ensure peace of mind while you relax.

Health – Steam showers relax both your body and your mind which allows your body to get rid of metabolic waste, improve circulation, skin health, and help with breathing.  See the links below for the benefits of steam showers.

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