Denise S.

We just bought our second infrared sauna for the cabin.  At home we have the 2 person unit, we bought the 3 person for the cabin.  Even though there are only two of us that use it, I’d recommend the larger unit.  More leg room and width to spread out and relax.  Also I’d recommend sitting on towels to keep the sweat stains to a minimum.  We did have an issue with the oxygen ionizer after a year or so, but we called and they sent us a new one.  


Charity D.

I am a vendor at the Fair and have been across from the Health Smart booth for 5 years.  I’ve seen many many many customers of theirs, new customers and old customers, purchase these saunas and have nothing but great things to say about them.  I finally bit the bullet and bought a floor model from the fair. I now know why all of their customers love the product.  It’s well built, great customer service and the sales staff at the fair is so helpful and friendly. They gave me the ergonomic backrest for free (shhhhh!) - I would recommend the backrest too :-) 

Terry K.

Bought a 2 person hemlock sauna from the boat show.  Bradley came and installed it, he was a very nice fella. We use the sauna weekly and love how much we sweat in it.  Such a nice thing to be able to use at home! Five Stars.

Sandy B.

I purchased my sauna as a recommendation from my chiropractor. It has worked wonders for the pain that I feel on a daily basis. I listen to podcasts while I sit in the sauna and if a day goes by where I don’t use it, I can tell.  I think it’s helped my immune system, it’s helped my skin, and my pain. Thanks Dr. Ben and thanks Health Smart.

Janice H.

Review of sauna

I like this sauna a lot. It is perfect for what I need it for. I'm on a smoothie cleanse 10 day challenge and so it helps me release the toxins. I like to dry brush before I go in.

Alexis S.

Just like everyone. You love to read reviews before you buy anything. I mean I'm that type once I buy I better get my money's worth. I been wanting this for so long, but never really want to spend big buck. Well, as you all know that our country is at a lock down on COVID-19 the world being quarantine. So my gym is closed. Everything is close. A week of working out at home on my treadmill. I really desperately in need of the sauna. Long story short. I order it. It's been a week and half now I've been in this. It was worth every dollars I've spent because, It really work. I breath better, really help detox my body. Next day my body felt light and fresh and my body wasn't sore from running on my treadmill. Took a lot of stress of tensions off my body. I even bought these different kind of essentials oil. Tried every single one. The peppermint and orange really help clear up my breathing. Best investment I've bought. So after once this lockdown is done. I'm canceling my gym membership. For those of you just going to gym the sauna don't waste your money. Get this. It does Really freakin works and truly a big saver on the gym membership. Get it. You won't be disappointed.

Sven P.


Tyler M.

These are awesome.  My old lady and I use it all the time. 

Gracey J.

We chose this sauna because it’s low-emf and it’s a local company. We have not had any problems with it and use it often.  

Thomas G.

One of the speakers quit working but they sent me a new one. 

Damien T.

Easy to assemble, heavy duty, warms up fast, decent stereo system, and I love the smell of the cedar. 

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