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Health Smart Products is dedicated to providing you with Walk-In Tubs and other bathing solutions for your personal safety, dignity, independence, luxury and total bathing enjoyment.

Bathing in a Walk-In Bathtub is vital for your personal safety and dignity. A quality Walk-In Bathtub catering to your specific needs will not only help solve your bathing problem—it will also make bathing an extremely relaxing, joyful and beneficial experience again—providing you with years of safety independence and complete satisfaction.


Heavy duty Chrome Fixtures come standard and are ALREADY INSTALLED with the walk-in tub. Shower Stream attachment included in our acrylic bathtubs.*see below for advantages of an acrylic frame!


Health Smart Products is committed to providing high-end products to improve your overall health and quality of life. Our commitment and focus on quality products and innovative design make us an industry leader in our respective categories.Pre-installed faucets/water lines make this tub easy to install as a DIY project. Simply hookup the hot and cold water lines, drain and you're ready to take a bath! The tub is shipped in a heavy duty crate to prevent shipping damage and is shipped to your front door ready to be easily installed!

The video to the right is from the TV show The Doctors.  They explain some of the most common benefits associated with Walk-In tubs.  


Walk-In tubs are better for individuals with problems with balance and arthritis. 

Acrylic vs Fiberglass

When purchasing a bathtub or bathtub liner, the type of material that it is made of may not always be a top consideration. Color will be a factor, as will shape. Material often gets overlooked because the differences and subtleties are not as immediately apparent as are those in color, shape, or any other visual factor. We'd like to highlight for you the main considerations for two of the most popular materials for bathtubs: Acrylic and Fiberglass.

You may not be familiar with either term. Fiberglass is known for being used in a variety of vehicles, including boats and bicycles, while acrylic is perhaps most commonly known for acrylic paint. Bit how much do you know about each with regards to bathtubs? Both are synthetic plastics, and yet there are marked differences in the bathtubs they produce. Let's explore Acrylic vs. Fiberglass bathtubs:

**High-Gloss Acrylic tubs are smooth and have great light-reflection. High-gloss means that the tub will retain its “shine” in your bathroom over time, and will continue to be smooth to the touch.
**Scratch-Resistant – A scratch-resistant surface means that an acrylic tub will not incur scratches and nicks from abrasive contact and normal wear and tear. Scratch-resistant does not mean that it is invincible to scratches, however, with standard cleaning and maintenance, and acrylic tub can last a lifetime.
**Durable – In addition to being scratch-resistant, an acrylic bathtub is highly durable and will not develop cracks. This is especially important for tubs because a crack in a bathtub results in a leak, which brings about a host of other problems.
**Think About This! The President of the United States' motorcade, as well as the Pope's booth-vehicle are both protected by acrylic materiel – talk about trusted for durability and strength!

Compared to...

**Low Shine Fiberglass tubs don't retain shine and smoothness as well as their acrylic counterparts. This mean that, while brand new they might look great, over time a fiberglass tub will take on a dull look and feel.
**Prone to Cracks from Stress – It's no guarantee that a fiberglass bathtub will incur a crack after a certain period of time, but it will be prone to cracking from continued use and stress – and with cracking comes leaking.
**Light – Part of the allure of fiberglass is how light, and yet how strong it is as a material. While this may be desirable for vehicles that require movement, like motorboats and bicycles, it does no necessarily ace as a benefit for a stationary bathtub. Once installed, you will hardly notice how light of how heavy the tub is.
**Inexpensive – A true advantage of fiberglass bathtubs is how inexpensive they can be. If buying on a budget, or looking for a short-term solution, then fiberglass can be very appealing buy you compromise on quality.

Both can be an option. Fiberglass might be a short-term investment, but acrylic is the stronger material overall that will maintain a high-quality look and protect your investment against cracks, leaks, and other damage

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